Welcome to the Calderdale Green Currency web site

The purpose of the site is to introduce you to the ‘Favour’, Calderdale’s alternative local currency. Printing our own currency was an experiment that unfortunately failed. Although the notes are still able to be used in a few places throughout the borough, ultimately the group ended up no longer actively pushing the currency. This site is in the process of being rewritten to explain what we did and how we did it and ultimately what went wrong.

At present you will find links which tell you about us, the history of the Favour, and help and advice on how the system worked in practice. Over the next few weeks we will be updating the site to explain what worked, what didn't and where we think everything went wrong for us.

There are illustrations of the notes themselves (1 Favour = £1), a brief history of the £ and the Bank of England, and information about counterfeiting.

The main aim of the Favour was to support the local community and economy. There is factual information here explaining underlying economic trends and what has been happening to local trade over the years in Calderdale - and how the Favour could have helped to combat this and empowered local business. There are also plenty of tips and practical guidance to help local businesses, based on what we have learnt so far.

There are also examples from the US of a similar currency that has helped local businesses to thrive, and comments from the owners on the successes they have enjoyed.

For further information and help, please contact us by post at:

Calderdale Green Currency
Salem Community Centre
Central Street
Hebden Bridge

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