Notes and Denominations

The local currency, valid only in the Borough of Calderdale, will be released into circulation in direct proportion to demand. The currency may only be used purchase local goods and services.

Local business can participate by initially accenting a limited amount of local currency. As confidence grows, so the number of accepting businesses grows, and they in turn can use the currency to buy local services.

The notes, available in a variety of denomination, are designed specially to reduce any risk of counterfeiting and for ease of recognition.

The highest value (Five Favour) note is the largest, and the lower value of other notes is reflected through correspondingly smaller sizes.

The value of a note is marked twice on the front in large letters, and on the rear in white inside a large black circle. A seal (with the words ‘SHOP LOCALLY’ inside a circular design) is embossed in the centre of the notes.

Salem Community Centre (or your local community trading centre) provides services to exchange notes, or replace them if damaged (serial number required).