By comparison our local currency was actually more secure than a national currency:
  1. Our local notes were produced in more than one colour, requiring the use of an expensive colour copier to reproduce.
  2. The local notes were embossed with a special seal (raised print).
  3. All local note had a unique serial number as well as coded to say which area it was originally circulated.

  1. All notes had a special logo stamped on in special ink that temporarily went invisible when heated up (or when photocopied).
  2. The local notes were printed on special hemp/corn straw paper.

There were also institutional safeguards to prevent the counterfeiting off local currency. The local notes were only valid within a small geographical area (Calderdale) for items advertised locally. In addition, a person would have to have been well connected and known locally in order to be able to pass a quantity of local currency (it would not be financially viable to counterfeit a small number of local notes). Anyone so well known in the community would have been unlikely to be willing to risk their reputation passing forged local notes.

Under current law, anyone caught counterfeiting or knowingly passing forged local currency or vouchers would be committing a crime punishable with imprisonment.

Local currency in one form or other, is used successfully in over 22 communities world-wide. To date, not one has had to deal with attempted forgeries.

Calderdale Green Currency was so confident about the security of the notes that it guaranteed to exchange in full any forged notes genuinely accepted in error for our official local currency.