How could I spend local currency?

  • As part-payment in shops and businesses throughout Calderdale
  • As part-payment for the services of plumbers, electricians etc.
  • For your own web-page, email address or advertising on the Internet
  • For book-keeping, marketing or desktop publishing
  • As part-payment for locally produced fruit and vegetables or baking
  • As part-payment for printing or faxing
  • As payment for services such as massages, aromatherapy etc.
  • As part-payment for painting, decorating or landscaping
  • As donations to local charities (local currency has the same tax deductible status as national currency)
  • As a bonus payment to your employees

Perhaps the best example of how successful an alternative currency can be is in Ithaca, where the modern conception originated. Everyone listed in the local trade press ‘Hour Town’ agreed to accept the local currency at the outset, and since then more than 2,000 people and 350 local businesses have been actively involved. A web-site details all participating businesses, with food being the largest category (other examples include a bank, movie theatres, grocery stores, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, day care centres, health clubs, and restaurants). Hundreds more people have accepted local currency without being official members.

In Calderdale we worked with the Calderdale Local Exchange Trading System and the Alternative Calderdale-Online scheme to ensure as many businesses, services and individuals as possible had a reason to participate.