Free Ads

Anyone living or working in Calderdale was eligible for free ads, provided they agreed to accept part-payment in Favours for the item on sale - they could also place a free ‘Wanted’ ad, if they indicated willingness to pay part of the cost for the desired item in Favours.

Another option was offering your services. Anybody with a little spare time could advertise for free and increase income.

This could be for anything from artwork or baby sitting to plumbing and woodworking. You were allowed a maximum of ten free adverts.

In fact we paid you to advertise. On first contact, we sent the person 1 Favour (worth £1) for free. When they then advertised a service or business, we sent them between 1 and 10 Favours, depending on the type of service (not applicable to ‘Wanted’ or ‘For Sale’ adverts).

After three issues, if they still offered a service (accepting part-payment in Favours) and were still advertising through us, we again send them more Green Currency.

Unfortunately the scheme is now no longer running.