Obtaining Favours

Earning Favours

Calderdale Green Currency regularly earned Favours from trade adverts and the sale of goods through its Trading Post. These were recirculated by:

  • All local enquiries automatically received One Favour.
  • There were no charges for participating or joining, and no annual membership fee.
  • You could advertise for free in the services directory.

If you offered a service (not just an advert for an item to sell or an item you want) you received additional Favours.

Granting Favours

One of our functions was to encourage and help develop new local enterprises and community facilities within Calderdale. Grants of Green Currency were available to assist community groups and new businesses to develop or expand new services which would benefit the community.

Most grants were for between 100 and 250 Favours, and were allocated by the Committee on a quarterly or six-monthly basis. Interest-free loans were also available but were rarely taken up. In excess of £6,000 of Favours were allocated in this way during the life of the scheme.