Why it’s important to build up your Local Community

A recent survey (by House Beautiful magazine) asked over 1,000 UK householders about improving the quality of their home.

26% wanted better local shopping, 24% wanted less local traffic, and 23% want better off-street parking. 16% want more trees planted in their locality, and 11% wanted closer, friendlier neighbours.

Green Currency can help!

Until now, local shops have struggled to compete with large, out-of-town shopping complexes who continually cut their prices to stay ‘competitive’. Introducing Green Currency enables local people to increase their income by selling goods and services for Favours.

As more local currency circulates, more income is made available to buy locally. Using local producers means less trucks bringing in goods from all over the world, and in turn less people having to travel out of the area for necessities. Neighbourly contact and community spirit is enhanced, and more cash is made available for community-based projects such as planting trees.

The survey also revealed that we now move house every twelve years (compared to every seven in the ‘80’s). 50% of those questioned saw themselves living in the same house in ten years time, and a further 20% would consider moving to another house in the same area. These findings seem to suggest that working together to build up our community and area makes a lot of sense.

More than 6.5 million people (28% of households) live alone, three times as many as 40 years ago. Green Currency can help reduce potential feelings of isolation and loneliness by giving us a reason to talk to our neighbours, and helping each other out.

When asked what areas of help would most improve their quality of life, 35% said cleaning, 35% chores and maintenance, and 30% decorating.

All these services could be provided by local people accepting part-payment in Favours. In fact anyone interested would receive extra bonuses in Favours, and would be eligible to apply for a start-up grant in Green Currency. Contact us on 01422 844991 for more information.